Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Love’s Sake

August 7 to 11, 2006: For Article posted August 07, 2006

Natalie, still traumatized by her boss' attack, goes home and makes a remark that infuriates Baste. Baste misconstrues Natalie's words and concludes that she is complaining because he cannot give her the life that she wants. They argue and Natalie walks out on him. While mindlessly wandering the streets, Natalie gets hit by a vehicle and loses consciousness. Baste does not know where to get money for Natalie's operation. In desperation, he contacts Natalie’s family for help.

Meanwhile, Polly and Albert return to the Philippines, and Albert surprises Polly with a new I Luv New York shop. He still refuses to let Polly know about his heart disease. When Wendy returns to the Philippines, however, Albert meets up with her and tells her of his illness. But Polly suddenly pays Albert a surprise visit and sees Wendy in Albert's apartment!

Don’t miss the foursome’s adventures both in the Philippines and in the Big Apple! Tune in on weeknights after Majika!


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