Saturday, January 14, 2006

Blind Item

Daily Insider
Dinno Erece

ITO ay isang blind item na ipinaalaala sa amin ng isa naming kasamahan sa panulat.

Months ago, magkasama ang dalawang young female stars sa isang out -of-town raket ng kanilang home station. Guess kung ano ang napag-usapan nila privately na lumabas din naman sa mga pahayagan? Ang kanilang disgusto sa kanilang common manager and how their finances are being handled. Lumipas ang ilang panahon, heto at su-masabog na nga ang balit, but only to one of them.

Whatever happened to the other female young star? Kakampi siya muli ng kanyang manager, isa sa mga stout defenders now that the issue has blown out of proportion.

Nothing is wrong with that, manager-talent pa rin sila, eh. Kaso, hindi naman lahat ay nakalimot sa mga dati ring naglabasang balita na minsan ay kinukuwestyon din siya at ang kanyang manager. People do not easily forget such kind of news.

Kaya sana, huwag ding makisali sa gulo ang female young star, paalala ng aming kausap na manunulat, dahil baka balikan siya ng old news tungkol sa isyu ngayon.

Jennylyn 'spy' pala ng isang bangko

Noel Asiñas

TALAGANG certified na No.2 top grosser ng 2005 MMFFP ang Exodus ni Sen. Bong Revilla.

Malayo na ang agwat ng pelikulang ito sa Mulawin:The Movie nina Ri-chard Gutierrez at Angel Locsin. Pero, nasabi sa amin ni Sen. Bong sa set ng Hokus Pokus na mahirap mabawi agad ang P70-M na pinuhunan nila sa pelikula, kaya bago pa lang daw ipalabas ang movie ay kumuha na sila ng bookings abroad, particularly sa Hong Kong China, Thailand at Taiwan.

"Masyadong magastos ang pelikula. Kaya para kumita ay dapat maipalabas ito ab-road. Ang print ng movie ay ipinagawa pa namin sa Thailand, pati na ang special effects nito," aniya

Samantala, sa Hokus Po-kus ngayong Sabado, panauhin sina Jennylyn Mercado at German Moreno. Si German ay tutulungang magamot si Candy (Rufa Mae Quinto) da-hil lumaki ang ilong nito.Si Jennylyn naman ay spy pala ng bangko na magpapautang ng puhunan sa karinderya na pinaglilingkuran ni Diego Llorico. Inaway ni Diego si Jennylyn kaya napurnada ang paglo-loan.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Re: Pocket Calender

Alfie Lorenzo

Stargazing daw ang coolest trend ngayong 2006. At para hindi na raw kayo mahirapan sa pagtingin-tingin sa itaas, gumawa ng kalendaryo ang Fujifilm, na naglalaman ng mga stars ng GMA Artist Center. Ang mga pictures sa pocket calendar ay exclusive na kinunan ng Fujifilm.

Kung gusto niyong makakuha ng mga kalendaryo nila, sa bawat roll ng film, (any brand) na ipapa-develop niyo, o sa minimum of 20 prints na kukunin niyo sa lahat ng Fujifilm/YKL photo shop nationwide, makakakuha na kayo ng GMA 7–Fujifilm pocket calendar ng libre.

Sina Angel Locsin, Isabel Oli, Iza Calzado, Katrina Halli, Cristine Reyes, Mark Herras, Jennylyn Mercado ang laman ng mga pocket calendar nila.

So, bumisita na kayo sa lahat ng Fujifilm/YKL photo shop and Digital Imaging Stations nationwide.

Jen on the News

Jun Lalin
Abante Tonite

Nang dumalaw kami sa shooting ng I Will Always Love You ay inusisa namin si Angel Locsin tungkol sa gusot nila ng manager niyang si Becky Aguila.

Ayaw nang magsalita pa ni Angel tungkol doon, maging tungkol sa text message na naka-quote ang lawyer ni Tita Becky na si Atty. Joji Alonso: "Angel’s management contract was due to expire and both Angel and Becky wanted to renew it with ample protection for Becky as a manager, so in turn, she could protect Angel as well. There was never such a thing as a lifetime contract. I would never ask her to sign anything of that sort. It was a two-year contract with a two-year renewal, with a side agreement that in the event she wanted to quit showbiz, the contract would lose full force and effect."

Sabi ng ilang malapit kay Angel, she’s praying and hoping na matapos na ang gulo sa pagitan nila ni Tita Becky.
Sa pakikipagtsikahan namin kay Angel sa shooting ng I Will Always Love ay may nagtanong sa kanya tungkol sa pagkampi raw ni Jennylyn Mercado sa manager nila, pero dedma lang doon si Angel.

Ayaw raw niyang pati sila ni Jennylyn ay intrigahin pa.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

MMFFP ’06 breaks filmfest records with P353-M earnings

Manila Standard

Some staples at the annual film festival: Megamovies topbilled by box-office hitmakers, colorful parade, massive tri-media promotions, the red carpet where elegantly- dressed stars ham it up, an elaborate awards night, and not to forget, fiery post-award controversies.

All these are present in this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival 2006 (MMFFP) - and more!

Amid the tearful hysterics of Mother Lily, the roaring rage of director Joel Lamangan, and the mouthful being launched by Annabelle Rama, the MMFFP 2006 will still go down as the highest grossing filmfest ever in showbiz history.

Raking in R353-million in gross receipts, MMFFP 2006 beat the record set in 2003 (R328-million), followed by R300.07 in 2004. Manny Nuqui, president of the Philippine Motion Pictures Producers Association (PMPPA) expressed elation on behalf of the organizers with these results.

For Metro Manila alone (from Dec. 25 to Jan. 7), the entries busted box-office records with ‘’Enteng Kabisote’’ on the top slot, earning R83 million. This was followed by ‘’Exodus’’ (R60 million), ‘’Mulawin’’ (R43 million), ‘’Ako Legal Wife’’ (R41 million), ‘’Shake, Rattle and Roll’’ (R27 million), ‘’Blue Moon’’ (R15 million), ‘’Kutob’’ (R10 million), ‘’Terrorist Hunter’’ (R2million), ‘’Lagot Ka Sa Kuya Ko’’ (R1.6 million), and ‘’Mourning Girls’’ (R1.5 million).

Other sources revealed the following over-all box-office ranking: ‘’Enteng Kabisote,’’ ‘’Exodus,’’ ‘’Mulawin,’’ ‘’Ako Legal Wife,’’ ‘’Shake, Rattle and Rolle’’ and ‘’Kutob’’ almost neck-and-neck; ‘’Blue Moon,’’ ‘’Terrorist Hunter,’’ ‘’Lagot Ka,’’ and ‘’Mourning Girls.’’


To what does MMFFP owe this growing success?

Movie producers, first and foremost, have become increasingly enthusiastic about joining the filmfest. Atty. Espiridion Laxa, MMFFP primemover, said in an interview last year that producers train their sights on filmfest slots because it almost always assure them that their movies will be earning at the tills.

‘’Besides the fact that people have money during the holidays, the movies have all theaters nationwide to themselves. Plus there are incentives that the government offers to producers and this really helps them in financing their movie projects,’’ Laxa reasoned out.

Furthermore, the yearlong drought in the movie industry is quenched by the quality films that are entered every year in the filmfest by producers who try to outdo one another in terms of stories, stars and production values.

The box-office draw of big stars also account for much of the success. This year, tried-and-tested crowd drawers Vic Sotto and Bong Revilla are joined by a new generation of superstars that includes Richard Gutierrez, Angel Locsin, Jennylyn Mercado, Dennis Trillo, Mark Herras, Marvin Agustin etc. Last year, Vilma Santos, Christopher de Leon, Eddie Garcia, Judy Ann Santos joined the fray and made the festival more star-studded.

These stars further lend power to MMFFP, kicking off with the parade that has a much longer route starting last year.

Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC), the country’s biggest radio network, threw in its hat into the filmfest ring to be a co-organizer. MBC’s entry into the MMFFP drew more interest to the event, bringing with them their expertise in organizing and marketing colossal events that culminate in their homebase, the Aliw Theater at the CCP grounds.

‘’We bring in activities that attract the crowds like concerts, the red carpet on the well-organized awards nights. We fully promote the movies through our top-rating stations like Yes FM, Love Radio and DzRH as well. We also offered cash prizes to the best floats. All these make the filmfest more exciting,’’ explained Ruperto Nicdao, Jr., MBC president.

Bickerings aside and Mother Lily’s ala-Sister Stella L. performance notwithstanding, the MMFFP 2006 has been the most successful to date in its 31-year history. It has the obligatory glitz and the glamour, the controversies, the color and of course, the cash to show for.

Mark Herras faces the toughest test of his life

Ruel J. Mendoza
Manila Standard

Mark Herras, the first ultimate survivor of the reality-based artista search, StarStruck, on GMA-7, is going through one of the most challenging tests of his entire life.

He fell out of love with somebody he used to call his dream girl. And the separation wasn’t at all good. But it taught Mark a most important lesson in life. Love may go but life definitely goes on.

The young actor who used to hang out with the kids from his neighborhood in Laguna is now one of the most admired in show business.

Being a product of a broken home, Mark claimed that he never used his so-called unhappy childhood to get to where he is at present. His real family story came out after a few months he was proclaimed StarStruck Ultimate Survivor.

“When I joined StarStruck, I never mentioned anything that I came from a broken family. Lumabas na lang siya as the contest went on. For me, I believe that I came (sic) from a normal family. Hindi ko ikinahihiya ang nakagisnan kong pamilya (I am not ashamed of the kind of family I have known).”

The issue regarding his biological father was raised by ABS-CBN, hoping the network could turn it into something that would drag Mark down to the pits of oblivion. Unfortunately, the young star’s fans couldn’t care less that his real father, Nelson Herras, has been in jail for the last two years. Mark knew about his father’s condition and there was really no problem between them.

“I was really surprised that the other network dug up something about the condition of my father,” Mark says. “As far as I know, I don’t have problems with him. My biological father understands why I can’t visit him every day. But I never denied that he is my father. Yes, he is my father and I’m proud to say that.

“The only thing is hindi ako lumaki with him. I was still a little boy when he left. But I know him as my biological dad. The person that I really call “dad” is my adoptive father Jun Herras. He took care of me and he was there when I really needed a father. My real dad can’t blame me for loving my adoptive father more. He understands the situation and he’s happy that I grew up a fine young man even without his guidance.”

Mark also grew up to be a ladies man. He allegedly has a long list of women (which includes Sexbomb Girl Ayfa Medina, young stars Cristine Reyes and Ryza Cenon). That’s the reason that his one-year-old romance with Jennylyn Mercado had been aborted. Jennylyn is accusing Mark of being a two-timer, but the actor is quick to defend himself.

“Whatever caused the breakup, it’s between me and Jen,” he puts it. “It becomes more complicated when everyone else wants to be part of the break up. But I never said anything regarding the breakup. I’m not the type who would say things against anybody, especially against someone that I have really loved for sometime.

“The accusation that I’m a two-timer is quite offending but I took it like a gentleman. It’s not fair for people to call me that. I may appreciate and get attracted to a beautiful woman but I never made a pass at anyone. I’m not that kind of a boyfriend.”

But the cold war between Mark and Jennylyn is far from over. They don’t talk or look at each other even during events where people expect them to be civil with one another. For Mark, he just wants for things to die down naturally.

“We both can’t help it. It’s still too early for us to go through some kind of closure. Though for me, I’d like us to be real good friends. But it seems that Jen is not ready yet. I respect her decision. What’s important is we do our jobs professionally. It’s wouldn’t look good if we’re both unprofessional.”

Both Mark and Jennylyn star in Regal Films’ big dramatic event for the Metro Manila Film Festival. In fact Mark and Jen won the Best Actor and Actress respectively in the festival’s People Choice Awards. Many are saying though that Blue Moon, which also won Best Picture, could be the last picture in which the two could be seen together.

“I hope that doesn’t happen,” says Mark. “I am willing to still work with Jen as long as fans still accept us as love team. Naturally, I’d regret it because we both did so well as a team in previous movies Let The Love Begin, So Happy Together, Say That You Love Me) and TV (Forever In My Heart, SOP Gigsters, Encantadia). I’m not closing doors. I’m always willing to work with Jennylyn anytime.”

Mark admits that he has quickly recovered from his failed relationship with Jennylyn. The apple of his eyes right now is the pretty newcomer Marian Rivera.

The young actor is courting her and rumors has it that Marian already turned him down.

“No, I have not been busted, yet,” he smiles. “I’m still pursuing and Marian said that she still needs more time to get to know me better. Okey lang ‘yun because I’m not rushing her. I want her to be sure of her decision.”

Mark has definitely moved on and though he had his first taste of a painful breakup, he still considered it as one of life’s unexpected challenges.

“What am I ultimate survivor for, right?” he laughs. “Both Jen and I experienced that pain and it only made us stronger. For me, life goes on. I’m still young and I know that this is just the beginning of my life in this business at marami pa ang darating.

“I know better now how to deal with it. I hope to come out as better person after this.”


Partnership ng GMA-7 at Regal, Mas Bongga Kumpara sa Dos-Viva

Archie de Calma


Natuwa kami para sa mga youngstars ng Blue Moon dahil nangangahulugan ito na puede silang sugalan pa ng mas mabibigat na roles,na puede ring mag-klik sa takilya.

Maganda ito para sa industriya. especially for the future of Philippine Cinema. Mayroon nang mga idolong puedeng pagkatiwalaan ng acting vehicles. Kaya ang partnership ng GMA-7 at Regal ay mas bongga kesa sa ABS-CBN-Viva Films.

Noon pa namin sinasabing Jennylyn Mercado exudes so much potential as dramatic actress. Maski sa comedy ay mahusay rin siya.Kaya sa pagkakataong ito napatunayan kung ano ang palagay namin about her.


Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Vinia Viniar
People's Tonight

Dahil sa magandang response sa loveteam nina Jennylyn Mercado at Mark Herras sa pelikulang Blue Moon, may mga bal-balitang nagsi-circulate na tuloy na naman daw ang soap opera ng dalawa sa New York.

Ayon sa balita, hinintay lang daw ng GMA-7 na maipalabas ang Blue Moon, dahil dito ibabase ang kanilang desisyon.

Ang success ng pelikula'y isang malaking katibayan na tanggap pa rin ng tao ang Mark-Jen loveteam kahit hiwalay na sila, kaya mukhang itutuloy na raw ang soap.

Samantala, kung si Jennylyn ang tatanungin, wala pang pasabi sa kanya ang Artist Center kung tuloy o hindi ang soap sa New York.

Wala raw problema ito kung sakali dahil sumusunod lang siya sa kung ano ang ibinibigay na proyekto sa kanya.

Sa ngayon, busy si Jennylyn sa pagbuo ng kanyang second album mula sa GMA Records. Nakatapos na siya ng pitong kanta, kabilang ang duet nila ni Janno Gibbs na Moments of Love, na gagamiting theme song sa Valentine offering ng GMA Films starring Dingdong Dantes and Karylle na may parehong titulo.

Dollywood : Shame on show biz folk!

Dolly Anne Carvajal
Philippine Daily Inquirer

Just Asking


Is it true that Luis Manzano asked Pauleen Luna to send feelers to GMA 7 that he wants to become a Kapuso? He is said to be smitten with GMA’s pretty young things—Jennylyn Mercado, Nadine Samonte and Katrina Halili.

Perhaps he said that in jest to Pauleen since she was a “Kapamilya” like him before she made the big switch. Besides if Luis really wants to win the “puso” of any of the Kapuso girls, he can easily do so. The battle of the networks does not preclude inter-channel romance or is there an unwritten rule about that?


Box Office King and Queen, susunod na paglalabanan

Daily Insider
Dinno Erece

NOW that 2005 is over, labanan na ng Box Office King and Queen ang pagdidebatehan.

Laban ito nina Richard Gutierrez and Vic Sotto na parehong may dalawang big hits this year. Hawak pa rin ni Richard ang korona with Let the Love Begin that still stands as the biggest movie of 2005.

Depende sa kalalaba-san ng Enteng Kabisote kung mas magiging malakas ito sa Let the Love Begin, saka pa lang makakalaban si Bossing for the crown he got in 2004.

Sa babae, siguro safe to say na ibigay ito kay Angel Locsin who has two big hits din, ang Let the Love Begin at Mulawin. Kung may lalaban sa kanya, si Jennylyn Mercado iyon na may four hits, although hindi sa kanya ang total credits ng Let the Love Begin pa rin, Say that You Love Me, Love Struck at Blue Moon. Ang Say that You Love Me lang ang puwedeng ma-cre-dit sa kanya dahil sa ibang movies, marami siyang kahati sa tagumpay.

This early, may follow-up na sina Richard and Angel, ang I Will Always Love You ng Regal Entertainment at GMA Films.

Monday, January 09, 2006

In Jest

In Jest
Ambet Nabus
People's Tonight

Hahangaan mo talaga si direk Joel Lamangan sa pagha-handle nito ng mga artista. Tunay nga siyang actor's director dahil ultimong mga bagets na kung ituring nati'y inexperienced pa sa movies ay napiga nito. Ganyan ang ginawa niya sa mga young stars ng Blue Moon na sina Mark Herras, Pauleen Luna, Polo Ravales at Jennylyn Mercado.

Kung meron ngang award para sa ensemble acting, tiyak naming panalo ang mga bagets na ito. Sa hanay nila, stand-out si Jennylyn na nagpakita ng lalim sa pag-arte. Kung paanong dapat ding papurihan si Dennis Trillo, na lumutang naman sa hanay ng mga equally competent na sina Christopher de leon at Eddie Garcia.

For us, nasa Blue Moon ang tagisan ng magagaling sa MMFF pagdating sa acting. Maging si Boots Anson-Roa ay nagawang lumutang sa napakaikling oras na ibinahagi niya sa pelikula.

Kaya naman lalo itong nagningning dahil bukod sa mahuhusay na performers, napakaayos nitong nailahad ang kuwento na sinamahan pa ng nakaeengganyong sinematograpiya at maramdaming musika.

Angel at talent manager, malabo nang magkaayos

Hot N Spicy
Vinia Viviar
People's Tonight

On a lighter note, naaliw kami sa adoptive mother ni Jennylyn Mercado na si Mommy Lydia dahil hindi lang ang kanyang anak ang nag-win sa People's Choice Awards kundi pati siya.

Kung nanalo si Jennylyn bilang best actress sa People's Choice, nanalo naman si Mommy Lydia ng isang cell phone sa isinagawang raffle bilang pasasalamat sa mga taong nag-text at sumali sa nasabing parangal.

"Naku, baka sabihin ng tao, ang dami kong text votes kay Jennylyn, eh, last minute na nga ako nag-text, no!" say nito.

Well, proven naman na maraming fans talaga si Jennylyn at unang araw pa lang ay talagang nangunguna na ito sa People's Choice Awards.

Hindi man siya mag-text, alam ng lahat na talagang panalo na ang kanyang anak.

Anyway, ang nakatatawang parte, nang nanalo si Mommy Lydia ng cell phone, ilang ulit in-announce ang kanyang cell number na napanood pa sa TV screen.

Nang gabi ring iyon ay nakatanggap tuloy siya ng 181 messages mula kung kani-kanino.

May mga nag-text sa kanya na mga kaklase at dating katrabaho at kung sino-sinong kamag-anak. Umaga na, ayaw pa raw siyang patahimikin ng mga text message mula sa mga hindi niya kilalang tao.

Ang ending, magpapalit na tuloy siya ng numero para matahimik ang kanyang buhay.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Marvin-Zsa Zsa: Best Actor and Best Actress in MMFF-P

Beth Gelena
People's Tonight

MATAGUMPAY na naidaos ang awards night ng Metro Manila Film Festival-Philippines last January 6 na ginanap sa Aliw Theater, CCP Complex, Manila, kung saan sina Pops Fernandez, Paolo Bediones at Ai-Ai delas Alas ang hosts at anchor host si Rica Peralejo.

Personal na sinaksihan din ni Presidente Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo ang awards rite kung saan siya'y nagbigay ng P10 million incentives para sa pelikulang nagsilahok sa film festival.

Out of 19 awards (kasama ang Q.C. Most Gender Sensitive Award at Gatpuno Memorial Award) ay anim ang nakuha ng Exodus: Tales of Enchanted Kingdom; lima sa Kutob; apat ang Blue Moon; 2 para sa Ako Legal Wife: Mano Po 4?; isa sa Shake, Rattle & Roll 2K5 at Enteng Kabisote: The Legend Continues...Ok Ka Fairy Ko.

Exciting ang awards night dahil iba't ibang pelikula ang nanalo sa major awards na siyang kinasasabikan ng bawat producers na may entry for MMFF.

Halos hindi man lang lumabas sa fearless forecast ang pangalan ni Marvin Agustin, pero siya ang tinanghal na Best Actor nu'ng gabing 'yun para sa pelikulang Kutob at ang kanyang direktor na si Jose Javier Reyes bilang Best Director. Masuwerte nga ang kambal na dumating sa buhay ni Marvin na sina Santiago at Sebastian kung saan hindi niya ito nakalimutang pasalamatan.

Tumama naman ang mga balitang si Zsa Zsa Padilla ang magwawagi for Best Actress dahil sa napakahusay niyang pagganap bilang legal wife ni Jay Manalo sa Ako Legal Wife at sa napakagandang pelikula ng Blue Moon bilang Best Picture (2nd runner-up — Kutob at 1st runner-up — Exodus). Escort ng singer-actress ang Comedy King na si Dolphy.

Narito ang ibang winner ng MMFF-P:

Best Float — Exodus (1st runner-up, Blue Moon at 2nd ang Mulawin: The Movie); Best Make-Up Artist — Baby Lucero for Exodus; Best Production Design — Exodus (Richard Somes); Best Visual Effects — Exodus (Ignite Media); Best Story — Blue Moon (Allan Tijamo);

Best Screenplay — Blue Moon (Allan Tijamo); Best Cinematography — Exodus (Lyle Sacris); Best Editing — Kutob (Vito Cajili); Best Child Performer — Paul Salas (Shake, Rattle & Roll 2K5); Best Musical Score — Kutob (Jaime Fabregas);

Best Sound Recording — Exodus (Ditoy Agla); Best Theme Song — Kutob (Kasalanan Nga Ba?); Best Supporting Actor — Jose Manalo (Enteng Kabisote...The Legend Continues) at Best Supporting Actress — Cherry Pie Picache (Ako Legal Wife).

Blue Moon ng Regal Entertainment ang ginawaran para sa Quezon City Most Gender Sensitive Award at Kutob ng Canary Films sa Gatpuno Memorial Award.

Ang tinanghal na Male and Female Star of the Night ay sina Richard Gutierrez at Iya Villania. Topgrosser Theater Award naman for Mindanao ang Gaisano Cinema; SM Cebu for Visayas; SM Dasmariñas for Luzon at SM North EDSA sa Manila.

Sa larangan ng texter's votes for People's Choice Awards ang nanalo ay sina Mark Herras at Jennylyn Mercado for Best Actor and Best Actress at Best Picture ang Blue Moon.

Ang Lifetime Achievement Award ay iginawad sa nagmamay-ari ng SM establishments na si Mr. Henry Sy, pero hindi niya ito personal na natanggap. Iginawad naman kay Atty. Manuel de Leon ang Posthumuous Award kung saan sina Boots Anson-Roa at Eddie Gutierrez ang naging presentor. Ang tumanggap ng plaque ay ang anak ni Atty. Manuel kasama ang mahusay at veteran actress na si Delia Razon.

Wala kaming masasabi sa MMFF-P sa mahusay nilang pagdadaos ng awards night. Hindi na-bore ang manonood dahil magaganda ang bawat production numbers na kanilang inihanda kung saan ang mga nag-participate ay sina Pops, Akafellas, Yasmien Kurdi, Iya, Bianca King, Christian Bautista, Barbie, Pido, Nyoy Volante, Jet Pangan, Wency Cornejo at finale naman si Zsa Zsa.

Marami rin ang naaliw sa pagpapalit ng kasuotan ni Ai-Ai at sa iba't ibang style ng kanyang hairdo. Una'y may bubbles na nakalagay sa kanyang buhok, then ang pagiging ala-Glen Close dahil sa look-alike niya bilang si Rowella Divina sa 101 Dalmatians at ang panghuli'y sanga-sangang pagkakagawa ng kanyang buhok na alanganing Japanese o Chinese.

Sa lahat ng winners, congratulations!

Kapalpakan sa MMFFP Awards Night; Mother Lily, ayaw nang sumali!

Reggee Bonoan
Ang Pilipino Star Ngayon

Samu’t saring kuwento ang mga nangyari sa nakaraang 31st Metro Manila Film Festival Awards night;

Unang kuwento, alas dos palang ng hapon nung Biyernes ay nakatanggap na kami ng text message na si Marvin Agustin daw ang mananalong Best Actor para sa pelikulang Kutob dahil ito raw ang ikinakalat ng pamilya niya sa mga kaibigan nilang non-showbiz.

Nagulat kami dahil ibig sabihin ay knows na ni Marvin na winner siya gayung nagde-deliberate palang ang mga hurado ng mga oras na yun?

At base rin sa mga nakapanood ng Kutob ay takang-taka rin sila kung paano nanalong best actor si Marvin.

Pangalawang kuwento ay nag-walk out daw si Direk Joel Lamangan nung nanalong Best Director si Direk Jose Javier Reyes para uli sa Kutob gayung ang nanalong Best Picture ay ang Blue Moon ng Regal Entertainment?

Hindi raw ba automatic na kapag nanalong best picture ay kasunod ang best director at sa tanda rin namin ay ngayon lang yata nangyari sa history ng Metro Manila Film Festival na hindi nanalo ang director ng nanalong best picture?

Pangatlong kuwento ay asang-asa raw ang mga taga-GMA Films na may makukuhang major awards ang Mulawin, The Movie dahil nga among the 10 entries ng MMFF 2005 ay ito lang ang nabigyan ng Cinema Evaluation Board ng A rating kumpara sa iba na pawang Rated B. Kaya’t kapansin-pansin daw na hindi maipinta ang mga mukha ng taga-GMA Films nung Gabi ng Parangal.

At mas lalo pa raw nairita ang mga taga-Mulawin nung hindi sa grupo nila nakaupo si Angel Locsin bilang leading lady ni Richard Gutierrez kundi sa grupo ng Enteng Kabisote 2 katabi ang boyfriend niyang si Oyo Boy Sotto.

Say mismo ng taga- Siete, "Pambabastos ang ginawa niya, alam naman niyang leading lady siya sa Mulawin, bakit nasa Enteng siya, may galit ba siya sa Mulawin?"

"Ano ang mae-expect mo na trato sa kanya ni Richard, e, may movie pa silang ipo-promote sa Regal?"

Pang-apat na kuwento ay hindi raw nagkikibuan sina Mother Lily Monteverde at ang mommy Annabelle Rama ni Richard dahil nga nagpahayag na ang huli na masama ang loob niya sa lady producer dahil nga sa hindi magagandang sinehan naipalabas ang pelikula ng anak.

"Feeling niya kasi, si Mother ang nagmaniobra, e, bunutan kaya iyon," say naman ng nakakaalam ng pangyayari.

Pang-limang kuwento, nagmukhang alalay lang daw ni Zsazsa Padilla ang soon to be husband na si Mang Dolphy dahil nung paakyat ng stage ay iniwan na niya ito dahil mabagal maglakad.

Samantala, nanghihinayang naman ang lahat sa magandang gown nina Jennylyn Mercado at Rufa Mae Quinto dahil super late silang dumating, kung mas maaga raw sana ay tiyak na mapapansin din sila para sa Female Star of the Night.

Aliw na aliw naman ang mga nakakakilala sa adoptive mother ni Jennylyn na si Mommy Lydia Mercado dahil paulit-ulit siyang binanggit ni Rica Peralejo na nanalo ng bagong cellphone at naka-flash pa sa screen ang cellphone number na isa sa mga bumoto sa People’s Choice Award, kaya ang ending nakatanggap si Mommy Lydia ng 181 text messages galing sa mga naging kaklase niya nung elementary, high school at college.


About Showbiz
Nitz Miralles
Ang Pilipino STAR Ngayon

Hindi naman siguro magagalit ang mga taga-GMA 7 na kahit nasa presscon kami ng Now & Forever (Tinig), ang pelikulang I Will Always Love You ang itinanong namin kay director Mac Alejandre. Siya ang director ng soap na airing na bukas at ng pelikula ng Regal at GMA Films na showing sa February 8.

Naintindihan ni Direk Mac ang pananahimik ng fans nina Jennylyn Mercado at Mark Herras nang ipalabas ang trailer ng IWALY sa premiere night ng Blue Moon. Pero, kampante itong panonoorin ng fans ang Richard Gutierrez at Angel Locsin movie. Puno ito ng kilig scenes na magugustuhan ng hopeless romantic moviegoers.

The same way na naniniwala si Direk Mac na muling susubaybayan ng televiewers ang bagong season ng N&F. Mas melodrama ito sa first three seasons, iba ang format at malaking bagay ang pagsasama nina Sheryl Cruz at Yasmien Kurdi.

It has been a ‘Blue Moon’ week

Sizzling Hot
Juliana Palermo
The Philippine Star

At last, the first week of the year has ended! Everyday this past week has been very interesting to me.

It feels as if I’ve grown a couple of years older with the events God handed me a few days ago. I realized life wouldn’t be fun without trials. Doesn’t it make sense? There are times when I want to give up, but I’m still hanging in there.

Everyone, I guess has his own share of problems. But that’s just what makes most things exciting –when you’re challenged.

When they say "Everything comes and goes…" it is literal. Nothing is permanent, everything has an ending. The same thing applies to problems. I write this because I simply want to share the things I’ve gotten out of life.

The one thing that has kept my head above water is prayers. It’s sad to say but living in this world is just like making one big movie. You always have to think, "Whatever happens, the show must go on."

It’s just one of the harsh realities of life.

Sometimes, it’s better to step back and watch how the situation is going before making decisions.

And speaking of movies, I haven’t really had the chance to watch any lately. Although my week wasn’t going so smoothly, it at least started off with a good film. I’ve been so pre-occupied with a lot of other things that I’ve only seen one film festival entry aside of course, from Mourning Girls.

My manager and a good friend of ours, Agatha, invited me to watch Blue Moon earlier this week.

I’m really not into watching "period" films, but since I wasn’t too busy that day, I decided to join them.

I honestly thought it would be boring. It came to my surprise when I found myself in tears in the middle of the movie. I hardly ever cry in theaters, but for some reason, this movie has its way of touching your heart and making you realize things.

The story is all about finding true love. A man named Manuel, played by Eddie Garcia and Mark Herras in his early years, is in search of one woman.

Two other men, Christopher de Leon and Dennis Trillo, are as heartbroken as Manuel is.

Manuel is in search of Corazon, his childhood sweetheart. Corazon is played by Boots Anson-Roa, Jennylyn Mercado and Pauleen Luna.

Manuel doesn’t have much time left to find his true love, but he keeps trying and trying.

He goes everywhere and does everything he can to find her. The one thing that makes the film so romantic is the love that gives Manuel the courage to really try to find Corazon.

One thing I realized when I took a step back from my situation this past week is that half the title of this film gave me an overview of my whole week. It was a blue week for me!

It’s touching to watch Blue Moon because it teaches you how to trust and love. It also gives you hope that someday, you will find your special someone. It makes you want to start all over again after a heartbreak.

I’ve been happily single now for a couple of years. In fact, I consider myself a hopeless romantic.

I believe everything happens for a reason, and if two people are meant to be, they’ll end up together.

Blue Moon will make you realize a lot of things. If you’re one of those who don’t believe in love anymore, this is the perfect movie for you.

Watch it and let me know what you think of it. Have a blessed Sunday!