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c/o mhy_29 of igma

Nagmalisya ako sa encounter nina Jennylyn Mercado at Alessandra de Rossi sa taping ng Now Na! noong Martes.

Bakit ako hindi magmamalisya? Kababasa ko lang ng column ni Butch Francisco sa Philippine Star at ang kwento niya na nag-e-enjoy siya bilang judge ng Now Na!

Kasama raw niya bilang hurado ng show ni Arnel Ignacio sina Juliana Palermo at Joy Viado pero noong Martes, biglang nawala si Juliana at si Alessandra ang ipinalit sa kanyang pwesto.

Ang feeling ko, sinadya ng staff ng show na i-set up sina Jennylyn at Alessandra para magkaroon ng ingay ang kanilang show.BAd di ba?

Eh iba ang nangyari.Natunugan ni Jennylyn ang set up drama kaya kahit madali ang tanong ni Arnel, hindi niya sinagot.

As in sinadya raw ni Jennylyn na magpatalo para hindi magkaroon ng pagkakataon si Alessandra na ma-okray siya.

Hmmm, sa totoo lang, hindi maganda ang nangyari. May isinakripisyo and staff ng Now Na! para umingay ang kanilang show.Mukhang na-inspire sila nang husto dahil pinag-usapan ang pag-amin ni Brad Turvey na girlfriend nito si Nancy Castiglione at umamin siya sa taping ng Now Na!

Ewan ko lang kung aaminin ng stafff na set-up kay Jennylyn ang kanilang ginawa pero foul yun.Daay, remember,nandiyan lang si Carmi Martin a.k.a karma na ready to strike anytime!

-Lolit Solis, PM tabloid
Sept 8,2006

Ang Pilipino STAR Ngayon 09/08/2006

Simula na ng Pasko sa Star City sa Sabado, Set. 16. Bukod sa talagang nalalapit na ang Kapaskuhan, magdiriwang pa rin ito ng kanyang 15th anniversary, kaya may concert sa gabi sina Jennylyn Mercado, Mark Herras at Diether Ocampo. Kasama ang mga bandang Blow at Freestyle.

Saya to the max talaga, lalo’t discounted ang Ride All You Can ng P40 sa Set. 16 at 17. Bukod sa 33 rides and attractions, 140 retail outlets, 100 food choices at 670 games, may bagong dagdag na atraksyon, ang Hercules Ice Palace, floor to ceiling ice sculptures, Time Tunnel, Surf Dance at ang nakakatakot na The Dungeon

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A lavish romance pic for all eternity

STARBYTES By Butch Francisco
The Philippine Star 09/07/2006

Lavish. That is the best word to describe the production values of Eternity.

A period movie in most parts, Eternity is another story of reincarnation that begins 99 years ago in old Manila – during the dying days of the Spanish regime here in the Philippines – and we are introduced early in the film to the characters of the ill-fated couple Dingdong Dantes and Iza Calzado.

Dantes is a half-breed Spaniard whose mother (Jaclyn Jose) is accused of heresy and is therefore considered an outcast in the society. Earlier, his father also accidentally kills Calzado’s father and a romantic relationship with the young woman just can’t be possible because of opposition from surviving parents and other societal factors.

Calzado is also being pursued by the arrogant Spanish military officer, Bobby Andrews – a match heavily favored by the young woman’s mother, Hilda Koronel, a modista who does fabulous gowns for the Spanish ladies of the upper crust.

Actually, I am a bit confused by Koronel’s social standing in the story because in spite of her being a costurera she is able to crash into high-society parties and is obviously a part of the elite circle. Maybe she is the Patis Tesoro of the late 19th century – or probably a Doña Victorina with sewing skills. But definitely interesting is the fact that she is reportedly sleeping with the curra paroco (Jaime Fabregas), whose advice she always seeks regarding family matters. Fabregas, in fact, is among those who try to block the romance of the young lovers – Calzado and Dantes.

Faced with such obstacles, they still fight for their love to the very end – with such tragic consequences.

We then shift to contemporary times (the film shuttles between two periods fluidly) and get to know the characters of yet another romantic couple Mark Herras and Jennylyn Mercado. Herras and Mercado are new acquaintances and yet they easily fall for each other. Their parents, however, are opposed to their relationship because Herras’ Dad had a hand in having Mercado’s father locked up in jail and the poor innocent man died in prison soon after.

Herras and Mercado have to fight all odds in order to break a curse that begins almost a hundred years ago – during the time of Dantes and Calzado.

Eternity is long at close to two hours. That it takes eternity to watch this film doesn’t surprise me because there are two love stories being crammed into the movie.

The modern love story of Herras and Mercado, in fact, already seemed rushed and therefore lacks the passion that you expect to fly all over in a supposedly romantic movie like this one. Even the story of Dantes and Calzado suffers because there’s not much background given to their characters. But at least, with Dantes and Calzado you still feel the embers of love somehow – maybe because of the romantic setting.

And speaking of setting, this is a semi-period film and like most movies today that require costumes and old backdrops, this one has its flaws. To begin with, all the costumes look new, which is a common fault in local period films. Then, there are the little knick-knacks here and there – like those lamps that look like export overruns from Citem. And please, take out those flowering plants that are not supposed to grow there.

Okay, call me a nitpicker, but I just have to point out to what obviously is a Lourdes grotto in the last scene with Dantes and Calzado (it’s hardly noticeable, but it’s still there). The apparition of the Blessed Mother did not take place in that small town in the French Pyrenees until Feb. 11, 1858. The Capuchins, who brought the Lourdes devotion, came to the Philippines just shortly before Dewey’s attack on Manila Bay and the grotto in that shot isn’t supposed to be there and yet it’s there and I’m bothered by it.

Also, there’s the matter of Iza Calzado walking the streets of old Manila by herself, which I don’t think was expected of proper women in those days. Maybe the people behind this film could have done a little more research in the matter of sets, costumes and decorum in the days of old.

In spite of these faults, I still recommend people to watch the film because of the fine performances of some of the actors cast in the movie. Iza Calzado, of course, is perfect for period films because of her beautiful classic face. Matched by her extraordinary acting talent, she is one good reason to watch Eternity.

That she gets to play daughter to Hilda Koronel is perfect casting because they seem to have been cast in the same mold. I’m even reminded of the 1973 Lea Productions project, Lupang Hinirang, where Hilda also plays a young woman during the Spanish times and falls in love with a half-breed (played by the late Walter Navarro). Just watching these two women together on screen is already a treat for lovers of local film.

Nothing, however, could top the acting duel between Urian Best Actress Jaclyn Jose and Urian Best Supporting Actress Hilda Koronel where they verbally attack each other in the presence of the curra paroco. It’s definitely one of the best acting matches I’ve seen lately in the Philippine cinema and you see that in all its glory here in Eternity.

The other cast members also do well, except that their performances suffer when they begin to recite lines in that romantic language called Spanish. Except for Fabregas, whose tongue is really Christian, the Spanish of everyone is embarrassing.

Oh, there’s also Jackie Castillejo, who also delivers her Spanish well (they speak it at home) and is great playing her part (she had always been a fine actress – very comfortable with the medium) as Mark Herras’ mother.

In a movie this long, you are really bound to find little gems here and there along with the flaws (one of which was the fact that the characters don’t care about the unrest a-brewing around that period). Generally, however, I enjoyed watching Eternity – maybe because I’m an old soul who likes to hark back to the past.

For those who like to see pretty little details and good visuals, Eternity is one film that you will relish in your head – no, not exactly for eternity (that’s too much of a time frame) – but for a long time.

Eternity is obviously an expensive film. In a period where everyone is doing cost-cutting measures, nothing could be more lavish than this.

It’s a visual feast.

Alessandra tameme kay Jennylyn!

by : Noel Asiñas

Alessandra de Rossi
NAGKAROON ng tension sa taping ng Now Na! nu’ng Martes ng gabi dahil parehong guest sina Jennylyn Mercado at Alessandra de Rossi.

As if you don’t know na ang ugat ng kanilang alitan ay si Jeremy Marquez, boyfriend ni Alex. ’Di talaga nagbatian ang dalawang aktres sa dressing room at sa game proper.

Bale ito ang kauna-unahang pagkikita nina Jen at Alex pagkatapos ng balitaktakan sa print at TV noon.

Nahalata ng Now Na! staff na iritable si Alessandra nu’ng gabing ’yon, kaya kinabahan silang lahat. Buti naman daw at nangibabaw pa rin kay Alex ang pagiging mahinahon.

Dahil member ng A-Three-Bida group si Alex, na siyang mang-ookray sa contestants gaya ni Jennylyn, minabuti na lang ng sister ni Assunta na manahimik at ’di magtanong.

Pinabayaan na lang niya sina Joy Viado at Butch Francisco na mang-okray kina Jen.

Mabuti na lang. Kasi kinabahan ang staff na baka si Jen naman ang mag-walkout ’pag inokray siya ni Alex.

Mapapanood nga pala ang nasabing Now Na! episode sa susunod na linggo, Miyerkules, 8:30 p.m., sa QTV 11.

by : Dinno Erece

NAGTITILIAN ang mga audience sa bawat kissing scenes sa Eternity.

Nagbukas yesterday ang pinakabagong pelikula ng Regal Films starring Dingdong Dantes, Iza Calzado, Jennylyn Mercado and Mark Herras. Tuesday naman lumabas ang rating nito sa Cinema Evaluation Board where it got a B grade and Monday ito nag-premiere sa SM Mega Mall kung saan siksikan na naman ang mga early viewers.

Hindi naman siguro nagsisi ang mga nakipagsiksikang audience dahil maganda ang pelikula mula sa panulat ni Manay Gina Marissa Tagasa and sa direction ni Mark Reyes.

Anyways, todo kilig ang mga fans sa mga piling eksena ng pelikula, particularly ang love scene nina Dingdong and Iza kung saan maghuhubad pa lang ang dalawa, sigawan na ang mga utaw.

Hindi rin naman nagpatalo sina Jenny and Mark dahil kilig scenes pa lang nila like holding hands or yakap, naghihiyawan din ang mga tao. Kaya nga tiyak na maganda ang magiging word of mouth ng pelikula as gauge ang maingay na sinehan para maging successful ang pelikula.

Nakikini-kinita na namin tuloy ang victory cum thanksgiving party for Eternity this week.


REGAL Films’ epic romance “Eternity” which stars Iza Calzado, Dingdong Dantes and erstwhile sweethearts Jennylyn Mercado and Mark Herras and directed by Mark Reyes opened yesterday in about 100 theaters nationwide. It was given a B rating by the Cinema Evaluation Board.

“Eternity” tells the story of young couple Meagan (Jennylyn Mercado) and Cholo (Mark Herras) who cannot be together. They find out later on that they are the reincarnation of Milagros (Iza Calzado) and Crisanto (Dingdong Dantes), lovers in the 1800s wo befell a terrible curse. It is now up to Meagan and Cholo to set everything right so that love will triumph for all the parties concerned.

Iza, Dingdong, Jennylyn , Dingdong and Direk Mark are the same tandem behind the hit movie “Moments of Love,” another epic love story which was shown last February.

The director and the creative team enhanced the movie further during post production to give the audience a very moving romantic film which also stars Hilda Koronel, Jacklyn Jose, Pinky Amador, Bobby Andrews, Cheska Inigo, Kristine Gonzales, Michael Roy, Carla Martinez, Arthur Solinap, Ernie Zarate, Juan Rodrigo, Jackie Castillejos and Jaime Fabregas. Gary Valenciano sung the theme song, “In Another Lifetime”. Musical scoring were handled by Alan Feliciano and Arnold Buena of Hit Productions, an award-winning musical production of advertising jingles. They also handled the musical scoring of the hit TV series “Encantadia”.

Peoples Journal
9/7/2006 18:00 PM

c/o em-em of igma


MARK Herras admits he was very protective of Jennylyn Mercado when they were still on. “Conservative akong boyfriend and I told her not to wear revealing or daring clothes,” he says. “Ayun, noong mag-break kami, panay na ang suot ng sleeveless blouses o kaya nakalitaw ang kanyang cleavage. Para raw siyang lumaya when we split up.”

How does he feel about it? “Well, I must admit, nag-bloom siya noong wala na kami.

But I guess she’s really more mature now than when we started three years ago.

Girl pa lang siya noon. Ngayon, babae na siya.”

He and Jen were congratulated by the press after the premiere of “Eternity”. They both really did well in their dramatic scenes, particularly when Jen’s grandpa, Ernie Zarate, is about to shoot Mark and Jen does something drastic that changes the course not only of their love story but also that of Dingdong Dantes and Iza Calzado in the past.

“We both identified with our roles in ‘Eternity’,” adds Mark. “ The story shows that if you’re really meant for each other, come what may, kahit maraming taon na ang nakaraan, kayo pa rin ang magkakatuluyan. So who knows? Baka ganoon din ang mangyari sa amin in real life if we’re the ones truly meant for one another, di ba?”

Dinalaw namin kahapon ang taping ng Now & Forever: Linlang at sa pakikipagtsika namin kay Alessandra de Rossi, nalaman namin na regular judge na siya ng game show sa QTV 11 na Now Na.

Sa nakaraang taping ng Now Na, isa sa celebrity contestants si Jennylyn Mercado.

Eh di ba, si Jennylyn ang isa sa mga naiturong dahilan ng gusot noon ni Alessandra at ng boyfriend niyang si Jeremy Marquez?

Tawa nang tawa si Alessandra na nakapang-okray na siya eh binayaran pa siya.


Hindi pa man natatapos ang current season ng Now & Forever: Linlang ay uumpisahan na ang taping ng Now & Forever: Dangal.

Bida sina Jennylyn Mercado at Dennis Trillo sa Dangal, at co-stars nila sina Desiree del Valle at Ciara Sotto.

Baka makasama rin sa cast nito si Patrick Garcia na napapabalitang nanliligaw kay Jennylyn.


c/o mommy cat of igma

May balak kaya ang GMA na buwagin na ang loveteam nina Jennylyn Mecado at Mark Herras porke malabo na silang magkabalikan?

The latest we herad, si Dennis Trillo na raw ang leading man ni Jennylyn sa bagong season ng Now and Forever.

Marami sa fans ng Mark-Jennylyn ang nangangarap na magkakabalikan pa rin ang kanilang mga idolo.

May iba sa kanila na hindi pa tanggap na matagal ng walang relasyon sina Jennylyn at Mark.

Samantala, kahapon ay nagbukas nsa sa mga sinehan ang Eternity na pinagbibidahan nina Jennylyn at Mark kasama sina Dingdong Dantes at Iza Calsado.

Ayon sa ilanag theater insiders na napagtanungan namin, [b]malakas sa takilya ang pelikulang ito na graded "B" ng CEB (Cinema Evalutaion Boeard).

Jun Lalin - Abante Tonite

c/o mommy cat of igma

Nagkita sina Jennylyn Mercado at Alessandra de Rossi sa taping ng Now Na nu'ng martes.

Parehong di raw nila alam na magkasama sila sa episode na iyun kaya nagkagulatan sila nang magkita roon.

Hindi nagkabati ang dalawa at dedmahan lang. napansin ng staff na parang nairita si Jennylyn kaya nagpa-eliminate siya agad para makaalis na.

Tamang-tama na isa sa mga judges doon si Butch Francisco kaya nagawan niyang interbiyuhin ang dalawa para mapanood ninyo sa Startalk ang dedmahan nila at kung ano ang mga pahayag nila sa pagkikitang iyun.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Mark, Jennylyn pahinga muna sa GMA-7

Dinno Erece
People's Taliba

REST muna sina Jennylyn Mercado and Mark Herras sa soap.

Opening this Wednesday ang Eternity ng Regal Films starring Jennylyn and Mark with Dingdong Dantes and Iza Calzado from the direction of Mark Reyes. Then, nagsisimula na nga rin sila ng kanilang festival movie, also from Regal, ang Super Noypi with Sandara Park, Katrina Halili, Polo Ravales and Victor Neri.

Kung napapansin ninyo, walang balita kung ano ang next soap nina Jennylyn and Mark after I Luv NY ends this week. It is because kailangan muna silang pagpahingahin, si Jennylyn lalo.

Pumapayat si Jennylyn at nagiging masakitin lately dahil sa dami ng trabaho niya. Bukod kasi sa movies and TV, may album pa si-yang pinu-promote so halos wala na siyang pahinga. That is why GMA is taking some load off her shoulders muna para makapag-concentrate lang siya sa movie and album. Saka na sila bibigyan ng bagong soap ni Mark, magkasama siyempre. Tutal, may SOP Gigsters pa rin naman sila.

Magbabalik this month si Jennylyn sa SOP Gigsters in case you don’t know yet.

Mell T. Navarro
People's Taliba

IT’S nice to see Mark Herras and Jennylyn Mercado na magkasama sa isang presscon na masayang-masaya ang mood. Ito ay naganap sa last presscon ng Eternity ng Regal Entertainment, kasama sina Iza Calzado at Dingdong Dantes.

Previous presscons kasi ng Eternity, either wala si Mark dahil masy sakit o late darating itong si Jennylyn dahil galing sa mala-yong mall tour, kaya di sila nagkakasabay sa presidential table.

Alam nating lahat na away-bati ang Mark-Jenny hanggang sa tuluyan na nga silang nagkahiwalay.

“Hindi na kami nag-aaway ngayon,” say ni Jen. “Bawal na rin akong maging maharot!” sambit naman ni Mark. “Ako kasi ‘yung da-ting malikot, eh,” dagdag nito.

Tanong kay Mark, hanggang kailan daw niya pipi-gilan ang sarili niya na balikan o ligawan muli si Jennylyn?

“Hanggang meron akong opportunity to work with her like dito sa Eternity, gagawin ko. Pero uunahin ko muna ang interest ng family ko.

“Kapag kasi naaapektuhan na ng lovelife ko ang kabuhayan ng family ko, iiwas muna ako. Although ayo-kong magsalita nang patapos pero ayoko ring paasahan ang fans namin,” saad ni Mark.

Kasama rin sa epic love story (na may contemporary love din) na Eternity sina Ms Jaclyn Jose, Ms Hilda Koronel, Bobby Andrews at may special cameo role sa simula si Richard Gomez, mula sa direksyon ni Mark Reyes.

Jennylyn at Sandara Sa Isang Movie

c/o thricia_12

Planet Phillipines


Dati silang rivals pero ngayon ay magkakasama sina Jennylyn Mercado at Sandara Park sa isang pelikula. At take note, pang film festival pa. Ang movie project nila sa Regal Films ay pinamagatang “Super Noypi.”

Nabalitaan namin nanapunta kay Sandara ang role na dapat sana ay para kay Rhian Ramos, ang leading lady sa fantaseryeng “Captain Barbell.” Marahil dahil sa busy schedule ni Rhian ngayon kaya napunta ang role kay Sandara.

Happy naman si Jennylyn dahil sa wakas ay makakatrabaho na niya si Sandara. Sina Sandara at Jennylyn ang dalawa sa mga unang produkto ng reality talent searches ng ABS-CBN at GMA-7 kaya’t noong nagsisimula pa lang sila sa showbiz ay silang dalawa ang pinagkukumpetensiya.