Friday, October 17, 2008

Jennylyn denies borrowing money from Valerie

By : Edgar O. Cruz | Entertainment Editor
17 October 2008 | 8:14 AM

Valerie Concepcion lent money to Jennylyn Mercado, her co-star in Octo Arts 2008 Metro Manila Film Festival-Philippines’ official entry, “One Night Only,” by way of their common handler. Valerie never gave it a second thought, with both of them having the same manager and all. The Slendance and Energo endorser might have thought that Jennylyn was going to use it for a business venture for the future of baby Jazz. It came as a surprise, though, when Valerie talked with Jennylyn during the shoot of the naughty but very funny movie, “One Night Only,” where she plays Vicky -- one of those who gets toyed with by fate. Jennylyn said she does not remember borrowing any money from Valerie. It would’ve been nice if she got a cheque from the “Wowowee” co-host, even if she had to pay it back, but she didn’t. The money that was loaned never reached Jennylyn. Allegedly, it was their handler who took it. They have been on the road with this handler for four years now, the reason Valerie trusted her even with money matters. This goes to show that with money at stake, you can never tell.


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