Sunday, November 09, 2008

A different Jennylyn Mercado

Kaye Villagomez

All of a sudden, Jennylyn Mercado is a changed person. In one cycle that was pregnancy and the weighing circumstances that went with it, the former Starstruck teen idol was turned into a woman. Jen is now a mother whose life will never be the way it was.

In her very first intimate interview since she gave birth on Aug. 16, Jen revealed a new self — one who has gone through hell and high waters only to resurface a much better and happier person with her son Jazz.

During a chat with Manila Bulletin at the recent pictorial for her comeback movie "One Night Only," the 21-year-old actress braved recounting the details of early motherhood while drawing the blueprint of a whole, new Jennylyn Mercado.

MB: You look even slimmer than you were before you became pregnant…

Jennylyn: "Yes! Breastfeeding helped me lose weight. Mas payat ako now compared to how I was before I even became pregnant. I was overweight when I was pregnant. I gained 40 lbs. Overweight ako ng 15 pounds. But everything went well naman, thank God."

Can you tell us your experience when you gave birth?

Jennylyn: "I labored for 30 hours… so imagine that? I haven’t eaten anything tapos wala ring tubig. My doctor was confident I could have a normal delivery even if maliit ang pelvic bone ko so we tried. Sa tagal nun, gutom na gutom, uhaw na uhaw ako at masakit yung tyan ko. Then my waterbag broke. That was the time when my doctor and everybody panicked because it happened na 4 cms pa ako. They had to do something. Nag-panic na sila and I went to emergency Caesarian."

At that moment, were you afraid?

Jennylyn: "No naman. Hindi ako natakot kahit konti because of how I was feeling physically. Sa sakit kasi, I just wanted to get it over and done with, there was no room in me to be afraid. Ang nasa utak ko lang, ‘Kailangan ko nang ilabas ito… Ilabas niyo na ‘to…’ Wala nang ibang laman yung isip ko kundi yon. In fact, sabi pa nga ng doctor I should wait for two more hours. Sabi ko hindi ko na talaga kaya…Masakit na masakit na."

What was going inside your head when you first saw your baby?

Jennylyn: "That was the best part… noong alam mo na tapos na at nailabas ko na siya kahit masakit. But it was all worth it kasi ang pinakamasarap na feeling was the moment na makita ko yung baby for the first time right after ko manganak"

It seems like you’ve adjusted well for a young mother, have you?

Jennylyn: "On the contrary, hindi naman ganon kadali. Mahirap yung adjustments but walang kahit anong depression. Yung tinatawag nilang post-partum depression, I did not have that. Walang malungkot. Mahirap lang talaga yung minsan lang nakakalimutan ko na oo nga pala mommy na ako, oo nga pala may baby na ako. May tao na entirely dependent sa akin. I’m not used to the fact na meron na akong baby kasi parang hindi kapani-paniwala."

What’s the best thing about motherhood at this stage for you?

Jennylyn: "Yung kapag nakikita mo siya pagka hinahanap hanap ka niya kasi nung first month ko, ayaw niyang matulog, ayaw niyang tumahimik hanggang wala siya sa ano ko, hanggang hindi siya dumedede. Hinahanap niya yung amoy ko."

Now that you’re back in showbiz, will your fans see a different Jen? What kind of person has come out from all that you have experienced?

Jennylyn: "Definitely. I’m ready to go for more mature roles. [They will see] someone who’s done with love team-love team and pa-cute roles. Noon kasi parang hindi pa ako ganon ka-serious sa work. Ang mindset ko was, ‘Sige, kailangan kong gawin to kasi may contract ako. Ngayon iba na. May focus na kasi nandiyan na yung baby ko."

And you’re happier now?

Jennylyn: "Yes! Masayang-masaya ako na ako lang at ang baby."

Do you feel any slight desire somewhere in your heart for the baby to see his father Patrick Garcia?

Jennylyn: "Ay ayoko na! Tapos na ‘yon. Ayoko nang pag-usapan yan. For me [anything about the past] is so yesterday. Naka move on na rin kami. And ayoko nang balikan yung mga nakaraan. Yun… ayoko na sa kanya! Sorry ha, pero ayoko na sa kanya!


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