Thursday, November 06, 2008

No substantial revelations

By: Mario E. Bautista

PIA Guanio had a live one-on-one interview with Mrs. Bing Garcia, the mother of Patrick Garcia. Pia asked her how Patrick feels about Jennylyn’s decision not to show him their son. “Si Patrick kasi, tahimik na tao,” says his mom. “Si Jennylyn naman ang nagdesisyon na tuldukan na ang relationship nila.” How about her, wouldn’t she like to help her grandchild? “Nag-offer na ako ng help noon, but I was rejected.” She adds that she personally doesn’t want to interfere with what’s happening to Patrick and Jen. “They’re not children anymore. They’re adults na. Hindi ko rin alam kung ano talaga ang naging problema nila.” What can she say about Jen’s decision to use Mercado as the child’s family name? “If that’s what makes her happy, it’s up to her to do so.”

Honestly, we got the impression that it’s a futile interview. Pia wasn’t able to get anything controversial from Mrs. Garcia and we’re really wondering why she consented to guest in the show when she didn’t really say anything new.


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