Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Paglabas ng coffee-table book ni Jennylyn na-postpone dahil sa kaso sa dating staff

Julie Bonifacio, 11/05/08

MARAMI ANG NAG-REACT sa statement na inihayag ng manager ni Jennylyn Mercado na si Becky Aguila sa The Buzz. Kaya naman ilalahad namin dito ang detalyadong pahayag ni Tita Becky.

“I am hurting and I can’t even shield my twins and my very sick mother from all these defamatory statements made by someone who has been advised by her own doctor to see a psychiatrist. Some quarters of media have been very unfair if not downright cruel. They have not bothered to verify the truth in all the accusations thrown at me and my artists which have nothing to do with the case filed by Jennylyn.

“They have trivialized the truth and exploit anything that will sell. Nonetheless, something good has come out of this controversy. It has strengthened my personal and professional relationship with Jennylyn. When we discovered that the management contract purportedly signed by Jennylyn and given to me by Mel, as forgery, Jennylyn signed another contract for three years because she continues to trust me.

“Meanwhile, Jennylyn and I have agreed to postpone the release of her much-talked about coffee table book. Our plans have changed. Thank you to some people of media who have handled this controversy with nothing but only objectivity and neutrality.”

Nakatanggap din kami ng text mula kay Tita Becky tungkol sa mga pinekeng pirma ni Jennylyn sa kanyang mga tseke. Ayon kay Tita Becky, natapos ang accouont ni Jennylyn na ka-join siya nu’ng January 10, 2008 na tinutukoy ng dati niyang staff na si Mel Pulmano.

“Jen opened her ATM with current account five days later on Jan. 15, 2008. Mel’s Meralco bill payment using Jen’s check. Jen’s bank documents, cellphone and landline numbers marked out and replaced with Mel’s cel (cellphone) number. Mel is the only person authorized to received Jen’s check books in her specimen signature. She ordered it and gave only five to Jen without her knowledge.

“The forge checks serial numbers are not in Jen’s five booklets. We have all the documents to prove she’s guilty. I’ll be filing my case hopefully within the week. This is a case of betrayal of trust and confidence. Where the money went? Mel went into high order lending or networking with a guaranteed 8% to 10% INTEREST FROM DIFFERENT PEOPLE. Naubos sa kakabayad sa interest. I just want to clear my name and prove that her accusations are wrong. Nagpa-audit na rin ako sa independent auditor. Whoever is behind Mel, must really hate me. Kawawa siya ‘cause nagpagamit siya. She’ll have to suffer the consequences. I’ll see her in court,” tapos ng text ni Tita Becky.


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