Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jennylyn and Valerie postpone presscons twice in a row!

by: Edgar O. Cruz | STIR Editor in Chief
27 Jan 2010 | 09:35 AM

Jennylyn Mercado and Valerie Concepcion were set to sign a contract with Viva Films early this month when the press conference scheduled to announce it was cancelled without specifying the reason.

This happened again yesterday night when their press conference scheduled this afternoon to announce their Belo Medical Group endorsement was cancelled.

It turned out the repeated cancellation had a common cause, that is, the shoot of Jennylyn’s early evening series, “Ikaw Sana.”

When asked why it was postponed, Melo Medical Group publicity director Lea Salterio explains to STIR: “Jen’s taping was moved from Quezon City to Tagaytay. We thought we could pull her out for two hours kung QC lang. We postponed it na lang until Dr. Victoria Belo returns from the US after Feb. 18. She leaves Thursday night. Thanks.”

Dr. Victoria was awarded Stirring Producer of the Year in last night’s STIR Awards. Since she is in the US, Lea Salterio received the award.


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