Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Manila, Philippines – ACTRESS FIRST
Jennylyn Mercado. Actress, singer, and host. Offcam, Jenny’s single mother to three-year-old Alex Jazz, her love child by Patrick Garcia.

She’s currently in love with Luis Manzano. He came into her life after a controversial and well publicized split with Dennis Trillo.

In her professional life, Jenny excels best as an actress * on big screen. Two of her most memorable performances are in the period films “Blue Moon“ and “Rosario,“ produced by Regal and Studio5, respectively.

Directed by Joel Lamangan, “Blue Moon“ gave Jenny the Audience Award for best actress at the Metro Manila Film Festival years back. “Rosario“ was another MMFF entry, underrated though. But the FAMAS recognized it with a string of trophies, including best picture and best director for Albert Martinez.

`BALIK REGAL’ * It’s good to know that Jennylyn Mercado just signed up with Regal, her “Blue Moon“ producer.

Mother Lily Monteverde and daughter Roselle announce two projects are already lined up for Jenny, a drama for Mother’s Day in May, to be followed by a horror-thriller.

Why not cast ex-love Dennis Trillo and current flame Luis Manzano in her movies?

“ Bakit hindi ?“ Mother Lily and Roselle “chorused,“ saying Dennis is a Regal star, while Luis’ manager, June Rufino, assured them “Puede si Luis, walang kontrata kahit saang studio.“

Mother Lily said she knew Luis from way, way, way back, “Little boy pa siya noon. Di ba artista ko si Ate Vi (Santos, Luis’ mother)?“

`HOT MAMA’ * That’s another Jenny “title“ because of her sexy cover in two issues of “FHM.“

Last year, she was ranked seven in the magazine’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World.

Is she ready to bare her charm on the big screen?

“ Oo naman, bakit hindi ?“ is Jenny’s quick answer.

Luis Manzano may object?
Jenny assures, “Di nakikialam si Luis sa career ko. Ako rin di nakikialam sa kanya.“

She loves the guy for being broadminded… and fun to be with.

Being a “Hot Mama“ is no issue with Luis.

CHEF JENNY * After high school, Jenny never got a chance to enter college, unlike Luis who is a La Salle graduate.

“I want to take up a culinary, not a crash course but a four-year course, kung puede,“ says Jenny.

Yes, she cooks for Luis, “ Simpleng luto lang, di siya pihikan.“

If and when she becomes a chef, then she could whip up more complicated, sophisticated dishes for her BF.


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