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Patrick Garcia opens up on Jennylyn, son
Posted at 04/14/2012 8:51 PM | Updated as of 04/14/2012 8:51 PM

MANILA, Philippines – Actor Patrick Garcia on Saturday shared his apprehensions as a father to his son Alex Jazz, saying he has become less selfish now with his unconditional love for his child in the equation.

Actor Patrick Garcia. File photo
Following renewed ties with actress Jennylyn Mercado, the mother of his son, Garcia on entertainment talk show “Showbiz Inside Report” opened up on the episode that stirred the biggest controversy in his personal life since his days as a child actor.

Years after their controversial break-up, Garcia recounted why he fell in love with Mercado, claiming he never escaped his responsibilities as a father.

“[Jennlyn] was very maalagain and she was very sweet to me,” Garcia said of his former girlfriend, who is now dating actor-host Luis Manzano.

“[When she got pregnant,] it was very magulo, that’s why I had to leave the country for a while. I didn’t get scared, no. Kumbaga ma-barkada pa ako noon eh. I wasn’t ready,” he admitted, adding, “But I never left her. Although she said I did, no, I did not.”

For a time, Garcia would become estranged not only to Mercado but his son. When he finally saw Alex Jazz for the first time, Garcia said he felt mixed emotions.

“I didn’t know how a father was supposed to feel. I didn’t know how. I was happy, and yet, ‘What do I do?’ But it came to me naman what my role is supposed to be for him,'" he said.

Garcia felt happy being able to spend time with Jazz regularly, which he said led him to get to know his son better.

“Nakilala na niya ako, nakikilala ko rin siya. When I met him, I always wanted myself to be there for him. It felt good. Everything about me, [namana niya] – how he sleeps, lahat namana sa’kin,” he said, adding in jest, “Wala namana kay Jen.”

On the changes in his life since embracing his role as a father, Garcia said he has become more focused on his son’s future, rather than on his own.

“I’m more concerned about his future. Before I used to spend for myself and what I want. Now kailangan magtabi for him, for his future,” he said.

“It doesn’t make you selfish., it makes you think of another being aside from yourself. Because I love my son, it’s effortless to just give for him.”


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