Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Luis Manzano Maintains Relationship With Jennylyn Mercado Remains Solid

by Maureen Marie Belmonte


MANILA, Philippines – Contrary to reports, Luis Manzano and Jennylyn Mercado’s relationship is not “on the rocks” with them even slated to enjoy together a much needed vacation.

“Medyo malalayo layo ng konti dahil ‘yung una nga was in Hong Kong. Hopefully nga we’re leaving again soon for a very quick vacation na we deserve naman,” said Manzano in a live interview with “The Buzz” on Sunday.

The revelation came right on the heels of persistent rumors that their relationship of over a year is going through a rough patch.

Mercado has been alleged to have been the third wheel that drew a wedge between married couple Lian Paz and actor Paolo Contis, which eventually led to the couple calling it quits.

Cutting right through the heart of the issue, Manzano said that he directly approached Paz for a dialogue regarding the allegations against Mercado.

“Yes, tinawagan ko si Lian. I don’t want to elaborate dahil siyempre may sariling pinagdadaanan sila ni Paolo, especially with kids involved. Pero para sa akin, sa industriya, there are four sides to a story—your side, my side, the truth and the truth according to anyone,” he said, while adding, “Anyone can give out information and mayroong maniniwalang automatic na katotohanan iyon.”

Manzano said his goal for speaking with Paz was to see as much as possible all sides of the story.

“Si Paolo was nasa States nung time na ‘yon at ang nagsalita kasi about the issue ay si Lian. So tama naman na dumiretso na ako kay Lian kesa kung saan saan pa,” Manzano said.

According to Manzano, everything was cleared up after their talk.

“Dumiretso na ako kay Lian. Nagkuwentuhan kami. Even Paolo came out to clear Jennylyn’s name. Maayos naman ang lahat,” Manzano said.

He refuted claims that he had gotten rid of photos of himself with Mercado on his Facebook account.

“Definitely not. Ni-isang picture, wala po akong binubura sa Facebook. Magbubura ako ng picture pero ‘yung status ko 'in a relationship'? Ang weird naman noon,” said the Kapamilya hunk host-actor.

Still clueless on how such preposterous rumors came about, the “Kapamilya Deal or No Deal” host deduced that it could have stemmed from “some things [that] are blown out of proportion.”

“Nagkasama sila [Jennylyn and Paolo] sa seryeng ‘Futbolilits’ at hanggang doon na lang ‘yon,” he said with finality.

Besides, he appended that, “Dumadalaw pa ako sa set nila noon kung saan nakakausap ko rin si Paolo.”


Luis Manzano, itinangging nagkakalabuan na sila ni Jennylyn Mercado


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